Free with Purchase this Valentine's Day! February 03 2015

Won't you be our Valentine?  Now through February 14th, when you order $79 of jewelry, we will throw in one of our 'Little Heart' Bangles to sweeten the deal . . .  just to let you know that we fancy you like mad.

Each Little Heart is cut out by hand rather than machine stamped with a press, so that each is a little unique, a little different . . . a little bit one-of-a-kind, just like you.

Enjoy shopping our new listings and earning your 'Little Hearts'! 

Bullfinch & Barbury's Holiday Open House 2014 November 20 2014


We are getting all geared up for our Holiday Open House!  Last year, we planned 6 days of fun - and due to the huge response from our friends and fans - we ended up extending our Open House for an additional week.  This year, we have been ramping up for 12 DAYS of discounts, give-aways, deals and fun!  We will be posting a preview of which specific items will be featured on which days - and what the perk for each will be (buy-one-get-one, free item included with order, free shipping, 20% off whole order, item for give-away drawing, etc!)  Check back soon for more details!

Who is Bullfinch / Barbury? September 03 2014


In 2007, Bullfinch & Barbury began.  It started while I was busy making over things - I had a quick idea, like an impressionist's brush stroke, and I quickly made what I had imagined.  I was working with diamonds and white stones and longed to see some color.  I fashioned several little bangles and then enameled them in vibrant shades of red and yellow.


As our little studio grows, we are excited to what the future holds!  We hope that we can share our adventures with you.