Gent's Farrier Bracelets

$ 65.00

Farrier Bracelets for Him. Weathered enamel finish, 24 karat gold, vintage horseshoe nail and rakish Oscar Wilde quote - what a ruddy brilliant combination. Stamped and on bright satin-finished brass is the quote "a gentleman is one who never hurts anyone's feelings unintentionally". Perfect for the gent in your life - or for nice statement piece for the ladies for that matter.

This bangle set is completely hand made - weathered titanium white enamel covers the main bangle, which is riveted together by a naturally patina-ed iron farrier's nail. A touch of 24 K gold leaf contrasts the more rustic look of this bangle nicely. The Oscar Wilde quote is hand stamped on a brass bangle. The inner circumference of these bracelets is sized 9", 10" and 11".

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