'Fancy Knickers' Handmade Enamel Bangles

$ 104.00

'Fancy Knickers' Enamel Bangle Set.

knick·ers [nik-erz]
1. Chiefly British : underwear : ''don't get your knickers in a twist every time the telephone rings."

This listing is for a set of skinny, stackable bangles enameled in bright shades of Cork, Nude, and Fawn. Perfect for ushering in the warmer summer days, this bright set adds a splash of colour to your favourite summer fashions.

Each of these 7 hand-made bangles are enameled with a subtle shift in hue to give them a beautiful depth. The range of colors makes these easy to match to the bold colour combinations trending this season.

This set of bangles has a circumference of 8.25’’ and will fit most average sized wrists.

Please convo me for additional information or questions about custom bracelets

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