'Freya' Bangle Set

$ 114.00

'Freya' Enamel Bangle Set

Frey·a [frey-uh] 

noun, Scandinavian Mythology
1. a goddess of love in Scandinavian myth; one of the Vanir, who kept the golden apple trees for the gods : "Of Freya's fruit you’ve not yet tasted today; the golden apples in her garden kept you hale and young when you ate them every day."

This listing is for a set of skinny, stackable bangles enameled in sultry shades of Onyx, then treated to a coating of 24K Karat gold, liquid gilding and gilder's paste.

Each of these 7 hand-made bangles are enameled with a subtle shift in hue to give them a beautiful depth - each bangle has a gold embellishment to it. Each piece we make is 100% handcrafted from start to finish, which makes this a perfectly unique gift to a loved one (or yourself).

This stock size (Medium) has a circumference of 8.25’’ and will fit most average sized wrists. For larger or smaller sizes, please select from the drop down menu. When order sizes Large or Small, please allow up to 7 days additionally so that we can handcraft a set just for you that will fit you perfectly!

Please convo me for additional information or questions about custom bracelets.

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