'Tellicherry' Enamel Bangle Set

$ 185.00

This stacked set of bangles is infused with spicy, ember-like tones, bringing a dash of heat to the cuffs on your wintery coats and sweaters.

This is a large set of bangles - 12 pieces in total - they are fantastically eye-catching when worn together, but can just as easily be divided between wrists for a bohemian feel, or paired done to one of two favourites for an instant lady-like effect. Flame red, sunset, crimson, and bordeaux red mix playfully with golden shades and antiqued brass. 

Each of these bangles was handmade from scratch, then layered with powered enamel and fired in such a way to give them an antique, rough-hewn look. Each element is completely hand-crafted, so some slight variation may be present from set to set - your set will be as completely unique as you are!

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