'Dishy York Whites' Handmade Enamel Bangles

$ 104.00

'Dishy York Whites' Enamel Bangle Set

Dish·y [dish-ee] 
adjective, dish·i·er, dish·i·est. Slang.
1. (Chiefly British) . very attractive; pretty or beautiful: 'a couple of dishy fashion models'.

Seven handmade bangles are lovingly enameled in shades of White, Palest Blue-green, Pastel Green and Pastel Grey. The house of York was known for its heraldic symbol of the white rose - each one of these thin bangles is coated in several layers of the same pure shade.

The York bracelet set is comprised of seven bracelets: four skinny bracelets in palest blue-green, pastel green, bright white and pastel grey; 2 half-round bracelets in bright white and palest blue-green; and one thin bracelet in bright white.

The subtle shift in hue amoung these bracelets lends them depth and helps them to blend seamlessly with other gold and silver jewelry.

The York bracelets come in three difference sizes to fit a variety of wrists. Please refer to my Policies section for additional measuring instructions - most average sized wrists do best in the 8.25" stock size. If ordering a small or large size, please allow 7 business days for your order to be made for you. Custom sizes are also available upon request.

Please convo me for additional information or questions about custom bracelets.

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